Smart Choice MRI is the right choice
for your patients.

We’re committed to ensuring that your patients receive the highest quality imaging exam available. With our advanced GE technology, we’re capable of imaging almost every part of the body, with or without contrast. From initial scan to report results, we deliver an uncompromising level of quality to each and every patient we serve.


We use high-end GE MRI technology, so you can be confident all scans and images are of the highest possible quality.


Every scan is reviewed by a board-certified, sub-specialized Cleveland Clinic radiologist, giving you the most accurate interpretation for your patients. Learn more about them here.


We review every patient’s case the day before the exam, creating a plan of action and guaranteeing proper imaging technique.


Results are sent within 24 hours, but can be sent STAT upon request. Your patient will also receive a CD of images to take home.

Our Partners

We work closely with the GE MRI development team and Cleveland Clinic Radiologists to make sure that your patients receive the highest possible quality of care.

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Our Technology

Smart Choice MRI clinics are equipped with GE 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance technology. We also have a wide bore MRI option to accommodate the needs of every patient (up to 550 lbs.) All our equipment has been tested and approved for accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

All of our GE 1.5 Tesla Machines have:

  • Field strength rated at 1.5 Tesla, the gold standard for MRIs
  • Generous opening with short bore design accommodates most patients (up to 350 lbs.) without the need for an open scanner
  • Coil array offers flexible imaging options
  • High resolution imaging

Our Results

We get you expert results quickly and answers when and where you need them.
When time is of the essence, Smart Choice MRI is the right choice.

  • All exams are interpreted by Cleveland Clinic’s board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists
  • Reports are available in 24 hours, but can be made available STAT if requested
  • Instantly communicate with radiologists for questions, unusual findings or follow up
  • Our high-speed VPN links expert radiologists with each Smart Choice MRI location, allowing them to review images within minutes of receipt
  • Images and reports are available through our secure, HIPAA-compliant website or via CD
  • All radiologists are available for consultation if needed