From head to toe,
we've got you covered.

Whether you need an MRI of your brain, your foot or anything in between, Smart Choice MRI is the right choice for you.

Smart Choice Specializes in MRI

MRI is an advanced technology used by doctors to help diagnose disease or injury, or monitor treatment. Smart Choice provides MRI both with and without contrast, MRCP, and Angiogram (MRA). Please see below for a list of specific body parts we scan:
  • Brain w/o contrast (CPT Code: 70551)
  • Brain w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70552)
  • Brain w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70553)
  • Orbit, Face & Neck w/o contrast (CPT Code: 70540)
  • Orbit, Face & Neck w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70542)
  • Orbit, Face & Neck w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70543)
  • TMJ (CPT Code: 70336)
  • MRA of the Head w/o contrast (CPT Code: 70544)
  • MRA/V of the Head w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70545)
  • MRA/V of the Head w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70546)
  • MRA of the Neck/Carotids w/o contrast (CPT Code: 70547)
  • MRA of the Neck/Carotids w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70548)
  • MRA of the Neck/Carotids w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 70549)
  • NeuroQuant/LesionQuant
  • Cervical w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72142)
  • Cervical w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72156)
  • Cervical w/o contrast (CPT Code: 72141)
  • Lumbar w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72149)
  • Lumbar w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72158)
  • Lumbar w/o contrast (CPT Code: 72148)
  • Thoracic w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72147)
  • Thoracic w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72157)
  • Thoracic w/o contrast (CPT Code: 72146)
  • Abdomen w/ contrast (CPT Code: 74182)
  • Abdomen w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 74183)
  • Abdomen w/o contrast (CPT Code: 74181)
  • Breast, Bilateral w/o contrast – for silicone implant leakage only (CPT Code: 77047)
  • Chest (clavicle) w/ contrast (CPT Code: 71551)
  • Chest (clavicle) w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 71552)
  • Chest (clavicle) w/o contrast (CPT Code: 71550)
  • Pelvis w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72196)
  • Pelvis w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 72197)
  • Pelvis w/o contrast (CPT Code: 72195)
Upper Extremity
  • Humerus, Forearm, Hand w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73219)
  • Humerus, Forearm, Hand w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73220)
  • Humerus, Forearm, Hand w/o contrast (CPT Code: 73218)
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73222)
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73223)
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist w/o contrast (CPT Code: 73221)
Lower Extremity
  • Hip, Knee, Ankle w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73722)
  • Hip, Knee, Ankle w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73723)
  • Hip, Knee, Ankle w/o contrast (CPT Code: 73721)
  • Thigh, Lower Leg, Foot w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73719)
  • Thigh, Lower Leg, Foot w/o & w/ contrast (CPT Code: 73720)
  • Thigh, Lower Leg, Foot w/o contrast (CPT Code: 73718)
*Due to the need for specialized equipment, we are unable to provide the following MRI scans: Arthrograms, Breast Imaging for Diagnostics (we can only check for implant leakage), Prostate Imaging, and Cardiac Imaging. We also do not provide other imaging services such as X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans, or PET scans.

Do I Need Contrast?

Contrast is an IV dye that may enhance or improve the quality of certain MRI scans. Smart Choice uses an FDA approved gadolinium-based contrast agent called Dotarem that is safe for most people. Your doctor may order contrast for one or more of the following reasons:
  • To determine if there is an infection
  • To determine if there a mass or a growth
  • If surgery has previously been done in the area being scanned
  • Most abdominal and pelvic scans
  • If there is a previous personal history of cancer
  • Brain scans when they’re focusing in on particular areas like the pituitary, IACs (inner auditory canals), or orbits
  • Or physician preference